Why Grooming Your Long-Haired Cat is Necessary

Most people know that cats can groom themselves and develop hairballs as a result. However, did you know that your cat's hairballs may not actually be their fault? If you have more than one cat with long hair in your family, this could be the reason that your short-haired cat is coughing up hairballs. Here's why it's an issue for your entire cat family. Fur in Gut When cats groom themselves (or others, for that matter), they lick their fur. Read More 

Keeping Your Poodle Puppy Entertained And Engaged

Poodles are a very intelligent, moderately active breed, and if you don't keep them occupied, they may become mischievous and misbehave. It's important to keep your young dog engaged to bring out the most in their potential and to keep him or her from getting bored. Here are four things you can do to help keep your poodle puppy mentally healthy and curb bad habits before they can get worse. Read More 

The Bichon Frisé: Introducing A Top Dog

If the name or the look of this canine breed seems familiar, that is because he has earned the dog world distinction of winning Best in Show at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club dog show. The winner answers to the name Flynn, and he is a bichon frisé. He is the second of his breed to win this Best in Show title. The first bichon frisé winner, named JR, was declared the superlative in 2001. Read More 

Get Help For Your Dog: How To Deal With Intestinal Worms

Has your dog been acting differently lately? You may be concerned because your pet is vomiting, losing its appetite and possibly even suffering from diarrhea. These symptoms are all causes to be concerned, so it is important to get help for your pet and find out exactly what is going on. There is a possibility that your dog is suffering from intestinal worms. The best thing to do is bring your dog into the veterinarian's office for an evaluation to find out what is wrong. Read More 

2 Great Reasons To Purchase A Goldendoodle

If you are in the market for a dog, this is going to be a big decision for you. Whether you are getting a dog just for you, or choosing one that is going to be a good family dog, it is important that you find a breed that is going to be able to meet all of your needs. Rather than going with a traditional breed of dog, you should consider going with a newer breed of dog that is actually a combination of two different breeds. Read More