Ways That Your Vet Will Treat Your Dog’s Yeast Infection

When a human gets a yeast infection, they often visit their local pharmacy to buy products that can help to manage this issue. If you notice that your pet dog has the symptoms of a yeast infection, however, you'll want to seek help at a veterinary clinic. Your vet at your local animal hospital has likely dealt with yeast infections in countless dogs over the years and will be able to remedy the situation through a few simple steps. Here are some ways that your vet will likely treat your dog's yeast infection.

Anti-Fungal Ointment

Anti-fungal ointment can be an ally in the successful treatment of a dog's yeast infection. Your vet will apply this ointment to the affected areas to quickly provide relief from the itchiness that frequently accompanies yeast infections in any part of the body. The ointment will also help to reduce the size and spread of the infection, which can further help to alleviate the symptoms of this condition. The vet will provide you with a supply of ointment that you can apply to the affected area for a period of days after your clinic visit.


Yeast infections don't always require the use of antibiotics to manage, but this form of medication may occasionally be required if the infection is serious. For example, if the dog has scratched at the area enough to cause abrasions to the skin, one or more infections may be present. The vet will not only treat the infections by carefully and gently cleaning them, but will also prescribe antibiotics for you to give your dog for a specific length of time to help get rid of the infection.


Part of successfully treating your dog's yeast infection will include some education about the steps you can take to lower the risk of this issue happening again. You can expect the vet to offer you a number of tips — perhaps even providing a brochure or directing you to a website — that can educate you about the changes you can make. For example, certain allergens can cause yeast infections in dogs, as can an unhealthy diet. If you're able to make a few simple changes for your dog, there's a good chance that you won't have to worry about the pet suffering from a yeast infection again in the future.

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