Freaky Things Cats Do That Don’t Require Vet Attention

Cats are amazing creatures. Graceful and powerful, they are apex predators, and known for their aloof attitudes and uncanny ability to get along without their human companions. If you're a cat person, you've probably wondered more than a couple of times whether your cat's behavior was normal, or whether you needed to get them in for an exam with your vet. Here are some things that, freaky as they are, are totally normal.

Weird Sleep Habits

Cats spend most of their time sleeping. It's a predator thing. Wild cats are the same, because it conserves energy for the hunt. You may have heard that cats are nocturnal, and it's true that many tend to be more active at night, but only wild cats are truly nocturnal, the domestic varieties tend to sleep a lot at night too. So don't freak out if your cat snuggles up for bedtime.

Cats have also been known to sleep with their eyes open. This habit is made extra freaky by the fact that cats have both internal and external eyelids. Their internal eyelids close across their eyes, and boy does it look chilling when you see them opening and closing during your cat's REM sleep cycles. This isn't anything to worry about, though.

Earsplitting Yowls

Have you ever awakened in the night to the sound of your cat bellowing in a strange voice? It probably sounded like your furry companion was getting ready to kick the bucket, but cats have complex vocal communication methods. Adult cats rarely meow to other adult cats, as this form of communication is reserved for their offspring and their owners (that's right, your cat meows at you as if you were a baby). Much of their communication with other adults cats is nonverbal, so hearing the alien sounds your cat makes toward other adult cats can be alarming.

Don't panic, though. Most of the time cats make these sounds as a mating call or a warning to other cats in the area. It doesn't usually signal distress or illness, although to human ears it can sure sound that way.

Cats have been domesticated for thousands of years and remain a mystery to many cat owners. They are fascinating creatures and their behavior can sometimes confound us, but most of the time their weird habits are nothing about which to be concerned, so take a load off and snuggle a furry feline!

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