3 Ways To Feel Close To Your Cat While Your Kitty Is Boarded

If you're heading out on a vacation or business trip and have one or more cats, you might already be dreading leaving them behind. It's normal to miss your kitty and to worry about them while you're gone, even if you have a reputable cat boarding facility, such as Animal Care Center of Forest Park, care for them. Thankfully, cat boarders are finding new ways to work with their clients to help them to feel in touch with their cats while they're gone. Here are three ways your cat boarding facility might help you to feel assured about your kitty's well-being.

Regular Calls

Whether you call or your boarder calls you, one way to be assured about your cat's condition is to talk to the workers there regularly. Most cat boarders will gladly take calls from concerned pet parents. You can expect to be able to call for a daily report on how your cat is doing; feel free to ask how they're eating, if they're playing, and whether they seem to be in good spirits. While cat boarders always have a veterinarian they work with in order to seek medical care should anything happen to your cat, just being in touch will help you to know that your cat is doing just fine.

Web Cams

Another choice that's becoming more common is for cat boarding facilities to have a webcam feed for you to watch. This feed can be accessed from anywhere online, so you can expect to be able to view them from a computer or your cellphone. In some cases, these webcams will be set up in your pet's boarding areas, so you can tune in twenty-four hours a day and see what your cat is up to. In other cases, the webcams will be limited to communal play areas where you can watch your cat when they're taken out of their boarding kennel to get some exercise. In the latter case, talk to the employees at the boarding facility to find out when your cat will be taken out for play each day so you know when to tune in.

Interactivity Room

Lastly, some cat boarders have begun opening interactivity rooms just for pet parents to be able to play with their pets. They're equipped with webcams as well as microphones so you can hear your cat and speakers so you can talk to your cat. Many also include robotic toys and treat dispensers so you can coax your kitty over to the camera and then offer them a treat or toy to play with.

Cat boarding is no longer a matter of having your cat taken and locked up in a kennel for the duration of your absence. Instead, choose a cat boarding facility that will work with you and your cat to make sure that you both feel safe, comforted, and at ease that everything will be fine during your time away from home.