What To Look For In A Pet Sitter For Your Dog

If the thought of having your dog put in a boarding kennel when you are traveling doesn't appeal to you, then a pet sitter may be a better fit for your needs. A pet sitter is a person who comes to your home and feeds, waters, exercises, and entertains your dog while you are away from the comforts of your home, and this route can be much less stressful on your mutt. Before you choose just any pet sitter to care for your dog's needs, here are some things you should look for in their qualities.

Ability to stay at your home

Some pet sitters are not just able to watch your dog for you; they are actually able to stay at your home the entire time you are away. This gives you the added benefit of having your home looked after as well. If this is the type of thing you are looking for, you need to choose a dog sitter with enough time to allow them to clear their schedule so they can remain at your home a majority of the time or at least be able to spend nights there.

Training and other certifications

Only choose a pet sitter who has dog training skills and is certified in some kind of CPR and emergency training. Many vet assistants and trained dog caregivers undergo background and criminal checks as well to give their clients greater peace of mind when they are caring for  their animals in their homes. These are certifications/checks you should be able to see upfront upon request without any issue.

Experience with your dog's breed

Some breeds of dog, such as a husky or Jack Russel terrier, need extra attention and a watchful eye when they are being exercised and played with. Larger breeds, such as mastiffs or a St. Bernards can be difficult to manage. You want to choose a pet sitter who has experience with your dog's breed so they can effectively anticipate their quirks and be able to work with them successfully. A great pet sitter will want to meet your dog before agreeing to pet sit them so they know they are the best match for your canine companion.

Pet sitter rates vary, and some people charge an additional fee for overnight stays in your home. Before you leave your dog in the care of anyone make sure to create a checklist of important tasks or health needs and have your vet's number at the ready in case it is needed.

For more information about caring for your pet or to get a recommendation for other services and boarding options, contact your local vet clinic, such as Spring Hill Veterinary Clinic.