Keeping Your Poodle Puppy Entertained And Engaged

Poodles are a very intelligent, moderately active breed, and if you don't keep them occupied, they may become mischievous and misbehave. It's important to keep your young dog engaged to bring out the most in their potential and to keep him or her from getting bored. Here are four things you can do to help keep your poodle puppy mentally healthy and curb bad habits before they can get worse.

Exercise Your Puppy Often

Poodles require daily exercise, but not necessarily a lot more than most other breeds. Be sure to give your puppy some outdoor time whenever possible. Getting out for a walk will also help expose your puppy to interesting new sights and sounds. Poodles are also very social, so be sure to introduce him or her to other dogs whenever you feel it's safe.

Take Your Puppy to Training Class

Dogs, in general, need to know what is expected of them and where the boundaries are. Training is also an important part of socialization. Your puppy may actually find training entertaining and treat it like as if it was a game. Because of their tendencies to loyalty and intelligence, poodles generally learn things quickly. It's also important that you continue training your puppy outside of class and try to teach him or her something new on a regular basis.

Enroll in Doggy Daycare

Active, intelligent, and social dogs like poodles do well in a doggy daycare situation that allows them to play with other dogs and have a lot of activities. Doggy daycare will also help your puppy stay out of trouble by getting bored and lonely at home. Some daycares offer different types of training as well. Make sure your puppy has all the required vaccinations and has had a health check before considering this option.

Provide Plenty of Toys

There are a variety of fun toys on the market that can keep your puppy entertained for hours. Many of these involve treat puzzles where a favorite food is placed in a toy and the dog has to get it out. Make sure the toys and puzzles aren't too challenging, or your puppy may lose interest. Try out different toys and change them if it appears that they're no longer played with.

If you keep your poodle puppy trained and entertained, he or she will likely grow up to be a well-adjusted adult dog. Poodles are very loyal and generally get along with other people and animals, especially if they feel safe, confident, and comfortable. If you are thinking of looking at poodle puppies for sale for your next pet, contact a breeder for more information.