Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy A Pet Reptile

You may look at snakes or lizards and think their scales look beautiful or their eyes look cool. Those things may be true, but they're not a good basis for adopting a pet reptile. Snakes, lizards, geckos, and bearded dragons require the same care as any other pet. Before you purchase your reptile, ask yourself the following questions.

How Many Setups Can I Commit To?

Pet reptiles are very different from cats or dogs in that they usually can't be free-roaming. They require a habitat that replicates their natural home. This habitat may include heating elements, running water, and special lighting. The larger the reptile, the more elaborate the habitat. Look both at your finances and available space when answering this question.

Can I Care for Its Dietary Needs?

Similarly, for most reptiles, you don't just go to the pet food store and get some kibble. For many lizards and bearded dragons, you'll be walking out of the pet store with live insects for your pet. With snakes, you may walk out with baby mice. Even lower maintenance lizards may require fresh fruit daily. Experts suggest making sure you have access to those food types before you commit.

How Much Do I Want to Interact with My Pet?

Not all reptiles like to be handled. Some species of geckos, such as the Tokay, and chameleons dislike physical touch. They'll react with aggression if you try to hold them. Other species, such as bearded dragons, don't mind being held. Others, such as many snakes, need to be trained from babyhood. Decide if you want to hold your pet or just observe it.

Can I Afford Proper Medical Care?

Medical care for any pet can be expensive. However, many veterinarians specialize only in traditional pets. So, you first want to make sure you can find a vet who works on exotic animals. Be aware, these vet visits can match or exceed what you'd pay for a traditional vet visit.

How Much Time Can I Dedicate to My Pet?

A bearded dragon isn't going to take as much of a time commitment as a dog. However, all reptiles need some special care. For instance, do you have time to handle your lizard or snake every day if you want a docile one? Make sure, too, you have the time to dedicate to cleaning their habitats.

Can I Make a Long-Term Commitment?

While some species, such as geckos, only live around 10 years, other species are exceptionally long-lived. Some snakes can live up to 30 years, and some lizards can live up to 50 years. Zoos typically won't take pet reptiles. So, make sure you're ready for a long-time companion.

To learn more information. reach out to a company that has reptiles for sale near you.