Factors To Consider When Selecting A Goldendoodle Puppy

Known for its friendly disposition, a Goldendoodle is a designer breed that results from the pairing of the poodle with the golden retriever. If you are planning to purchase a Goldendoodle puppy, you may be concerned about choosing the right dog for your family. Here are a few factors to consider as you make your selection.

Is the Puppy Super Playful?

Goldendoodle puppies that are extremely active and super playful are likely to remain that way into adulthood. However, if a puppy seems to be a bit lazy even though it is wide awake, it is unlikely to be as hyper or energetic when it becomes an adult dog. If you have an active family, the playful puppy may be a better fit.

How Does the Pup React to Your Other Pets?

Before purchasing the Goldendoodle puppy, it's wise to introduce them to your current pets. If the puppy appears laid back and passive in their presence, it may integrate more easily with them. However, if the puppy has a dominant personality, it may be too aggressive with your current animals.

How Does the Pup Respond to Your Children?

If you have small kids, be sure to let them know how to handle the puppy properly to ensure its safety. Additionally, before purchasing the pup, watch how the Goldendoodle responds to your children. 

Goldendoodles often have outgoing, bubbly personalities. Thus, the pup is likely to enjoy the company of children. Nevertheless, it is best to confirm that the interactions will be favorable for both the kids and the puppy.

Does the Puppy Enjoy Snuggling?

If you would like for the pup to be independent and not regularly snuggled against you or a family member, observe how the puppy responds to being touched. Puppies that love to be touched and desire to be sitting on your lap or lying against you, are likely to enjoy snuggles as they grow into dogs. Those that appear more independent, may desire a good amount of alone time during the day.

How Does the Puppy Respond to Loud Noises?

If your home consists of adults only and you live a quiet lifestyle, the puppy may not be subjected to many loud noises. However, if you have small children or babies who make lots of noises, it's best to test the puppy's response to noise before you purchase it. When you clap your hands together loudly, watch to see if the puppy seems unafraid or if it runs away. The puppy that appears unafraid may be better suited to a louder atmosphere than one that appears skittish.

To see a list of available Goldendoodle puppies in your local area, schedule an appointment with a breeder.