Is Your Senior Loved One Looking For A Pet? 3 Benefits Of Maltipoo Puppies To Share With Them

Seniors and pets can bring each other great happiness in life, but your loved one also wants to be careful when choosing a dog that fits their lifestyle. A dog that is too big or energetic might be more than they can handle. Yet, they also want to avoid getting a dog that only wants to lay around since they'll be less likely to want to take them for a walk. Seniors who need a low-maintenance dog will quickly fall in love with Maltipoos. Before you take your loved one to look at Maltipoo puppies for sale near you, make sure to talk to them about why this type of dog is perfect for older adults.

Make Pet Care Easier With a Lightweight Dog

A Maltipoo is a smaller-sized dog, which simplifies their pet care maintenance. Since most of these dogs fall within a range of 5 to 20 pounds, your loved one will be more likely to be able to do things such as pick them up to give them a bath or carry them into the vet's office. A lightweight dog also tends to be easier for seniors to take on a walk since they won't pull as hard on the leash as they work on their training. 

Choose an Adorable Dog That Instantly Makes You Smile

The only thing cuter than a Maltese or Poodle is this type of dog, which blends the two breeds. Maltipoos tend to retain some of those cute little curls that you'll see on a poodle, but their coat tends to be much easier to manage. Meanwhile, your loved one won't be able to hold their smile back when they see their Maltipoo's permanently cheerful personality shining through in their miniature facial features. Your loved one may also benefit from all of the attention that they receive when they take their new puppy on a walk around the neighborhood or to the dog park.

Pick a Grandkid-Friendly Pup

Your loved one's pet choices may also need to include thinking about the entire family. Other small breed dogs are sometimes known for being aggressive with children and strangers. Maltipoos, however, tend to act as though they've just run into an old friend when they meet someone new. Their friendly demeanor fits right in with a young child's active personality. Since a Maltipoo is a smaller dog breed, they won't be able to knock over a small toddler or scare a young child by jumping up on them. Instead, they'll happily play with the grandkids while adding another layer of fun for everyone in the family.