How To Ensure Your Pond Looks Good Year-Round

When it comes to maintaining your pond, a lot of people assume that this is a task that they can take on themselves. After all, it is just a little body of water how much effort could it really be? The answer is that most ponds in many residential properties are built quite precisely, and to maintain that accuracy and the ecosystem of the pond, you need professional pond maintenance on a fairly regular basis. Here are a few reasons why it is so important to utilize a pond maintenance service on a yearly basis and how it will ensure your pond looks great.

Algae Removal Or Treatment

Algae is a very invasive and often destructive plant that can squeeze out all the life in a pond if you allow it to grow unchallenged for months on end. The issue is that trying to get rid of every last bit of algae can be a real challenge if you do not know what to look for. If you do notice you have algae in your pond, do not sit on this information. Call a pond maintenance expert and let them know exactly what color and shape your algae is so they can come prepared to remove that particular species from your pond forever.

Patching Leaks

Ponds are almost invariably a man-made construction that was not natural to the environment, and if you want to ensure it does last then it has to have a waterproof base that stops the pond from slowly draining into the soil. If you notice the water level in your pond going down, then you cannot wait for your regular appointment with a pond maintenance contractor, you need them there now. If too much water is lost, then most of the life in your pond will die, so don't hesitate!

Testing Water And Equipment

Your pond likely has some kind of filter due to it not being a natural pond, and in this case, those filters need a yearly inspection to ensure that they are still operating at full capacity. While this is ongoing, your pond professional will also make sure to test the water to see how acidic or neutral it is and test for any major, concerning elements that you want to avoid having in your pond. This will ensure your water is great for plants and animals alike and is not slowly poisoning them by accident.