A Ball Python Can Be A Great Snake If You Are A Beginner

There are so many species of snakes, and some of them make better pets than others. There are also some that make better pets for beginner snake owners because they are easier to care for and tend to be more tolerant. The ball python is known as a great snake for beginners and experienced snake handlers for many reasons. Continue reading to learn why a ball python may be the right snake for you. 

Ball pythons stay moderately sized

One thing many people like about the ball python is it can grow to a nice size, but it won't continue growing to the point where it is no longer easy to handle. Their full gown length, of a few feet or so in length, also makes their habitat easy to design and keep up with. Whereas, if you were to get a snake that could grow much larger, then, eventually, you would have to add more space to its habitat. 

Ball pythons are known as friendly snakes 

When you are looking for a pet snake, you may imagine yourself holding it and even walking around with it looped around your arm. However, if you get a species of snake that tends to be on the shy—or even aggressive—side, then you may not find yourself spending much time holding it at all. The less time you spend with your snake, the less tolerant it can become. Ball pythons are considered to be friendly and docile snakes. They are great for holding and carrying around with you. 

Ball pythons can be fun to watch

If you choose to get a ball python, then you will find they are often even fun to watch while they are in their habitat. You can set them up with a multilevel habitat that has plenty of rocks and branches in it. They can get quite lively at times and will freely cruise around the habitat, even while you are watching. Some other species of snakes may end up spending the majority of their time hiding when you are near. 


Now you know why ball pythons make great snakes for beginner snake owners. If you are ready to purchase your first snake, consider a ball python because they are easy to take care of and get along with. Contact a pet store near you to learn more about ball pythons and to find ball pythons for sale