The Best Ways To Calm An Anxious Dog When Grooming

The hardest part of grooming your dog is getting your dog to sit still long enough to actually get the job done. There are many reasons for this. Your dog might just be bored, impatient and have energy to expend. But how you are grooming your dog might be another reason why it is difficult to get your dog to sit still.

Start Grooming Your Dog Young

If your dog is young you should start grooming your dog as early as possible when his or her behavior is still malleable. When your dog becomes accustomed to being groomed, he or she will know what is expected and will sit still. One way to train your dog to sit still is to offer a treat after the grooming session has been completed only if your dog remains still throughout the entire process.

Don't Groom On A Slippery Surface

One of the reasons why your dog might not sit still is because your floor is too slippery. If you must groom your dog on a slippery surface, consider using a non-slip padding. Or, simply move your dog to a location where the ground is less slippery. 

Remove Mats Carefully

Your dog might have a difficult time sitting still because he or she is uncomfortable. One of the most common reasons for this is that your dog's fur is matted. You should invest in a specialized comb designed to remove mats. Another approach is to carefully cut away the mats. These will make your dog more comfortable even if the mats may not achieve the exact look you were aiming for.

Get An Anti-Anxiety Prescription

Depending on how severe your dog's anxiety is, you may need to give your dog anti-anxiety medicine. This is something that must be prescribed by a vet. If your dog is anxious while being groomed, there may be several other situations under which your dog is anxious and he or she might benefit from medication.

The great thing about grooming your dog yourself is that you will have more time to help your dog become acclimated to the process. However, if you still feel that you are struggling to get your dog to sit still, it might make sense to take your dog to a professional groomer, like Kayla's Posh Pets Grooming & Boutique, instead. Professionals are experienced working with dogs that are nervous and will have techniques that can help calm your dog down.