Everything You Need To Know About Spaying Or Neutering Your Cat

Whether you're looking to adopt a kitten or a full-grown cat, one of the questions you'll want to ask the shelter or person you're adopting from is whether or not the cat will be spayed or neutered before you bring it home. If not, then you will want to look into finding a local spaying service at a veterinarian's office. Why Spaying and Neutering Your Cat Matters Even if you plan on keeping your cat indoors at all times, it is still imperative that you have your cat spayed or neutered. Read More 

How To Choose And Care For A French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are small companion dogs that make excellent family pets. French Bulldogs are smart and affectionate dogs that love to play and are good with children and other animals. Here are some characteristics to think about if you are considering a French Bulldog as a pet for your family:   Physical Characteristics:  When choosing a French Bulldog puppy, check with the American Kennel Club for the breed standards for the French Bulldog. Read More 

What To Look For In A Pet Sitter For Your Dog

If the thought of having your dog put in a boarding kennel when you are traveling doesn't appeal to you, then a pet sitter may be a better fit for your needs. A pet sitter is a person who comes to your home and feeds, waters, exercises, and entertains your dog while you are away from the comforts of your home, and this route can be much less stressful on your mutt. Read More 

3 Ways To Feel Close To Your Cat While Your Kitty Is Boarded

If you're heading out on a vacation or business trip and have one or more cats, you might already be dreading leaving them behind. It's normal to miss your kitty and to worry about them while you're gone, even if you have a reputable cat boarding facility, such as Animal Care Center of Forest Park, care for them. Thankfully, cat boarders are finding new ways to work with their clients to help them to feel in touch with their cats while they're gone. Read More 

The Health Benefits Of Adopting A Pet

If you are experiencing any health issues or if you suffer from chronic illness, adopting a pet may have therapeutic benefits. There are numerous advantages to owning a pet—whether it is a dog, cat, ferret, or even a fish. Don't wait another day to give a pet a home, while reaping the health benefits that pet-ownership brings. The health benefits of adopting a pet include: Reduces stress. It has been shown that spending time with pets lowers stress, which means it could be good for reducing blood-pressure and alleviating anxiety. Read More